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Customer wants to change reservation dates

 The customer phoned me yesterday and said that he wants to change the reservation dates from  20-25 of july to 21-25 but i cant change it because the 24hrs have already passed.Any advice would be really helpfull.I started listing my apartment the last two months...


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Angela @Promhills 4 years ago

If you are still charging the guest for the cancelled night and therefore it wont affect the commission you will pay to, just agree with the guest and make the change in your system, no need to alter if nothing is changing on their end. However, if you are not charging the guest, it must be done via to alter the commission they will charge you. In this case, the guest should do it either via phone, the app or website. If you telephone to change it, they will then phone the guest to confirm before they make the change anyway, don't waste you time on hold with, if the guest wants to change their booking, tell them they need to change it with as that is how they booked.