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delete account

how can I delete or close or get out of as a host?

Leandri Klopper

Hey there,

We have had no one on the forum actually answer this question or send feedback after following our suggestions. So please send us feedback once you know, for now here are the suggestions posted widely accross the forum:

Go to Calendar -> Open/Close rooms. Close the rooms for the rest of time.

or Go to Calendar-> Adjust rooms to sell. Adjust all dates for the rest of time to 0.

Once picks this up they ought to contact you to suggest that you load availability to get bookings, then you can ask them how. As I've not come accross a direct answer yet... also I've not been looking for one because I'm very happy being on :-).

Hope this helps, best of luck!



I just want to close booking as guest made reservation and don't show up and booking don't back up to get the cancellation fees.


Andrea Jimenez

most of the people that book through this site never show up and then we get charged for the cancellations. Awful service.

Roux Gerber

I agree that this is the worst of it's kind.  There is no way that they can make me pay for a service I did not provide. I want to de-register from this awful system but there is no way to do it.  

Leandri Klopper

Hey Iaoranapictures ,

Did you know if someone does not show up you can wave the commission by marking that person as a no-show? Yes, you won't get any money and the room would have stood open, but you can still avoid paying commission on that booking.

Keep well!

Roux Gerber

Exactly. I did it. Then I asked a client to cancel and did not check on it. They invoiced me. I explained and provided the communication with the client.  They promised to credit.  And the next month I still get the invoice - they are not good on their promises.  This system is not looking after the hosts.  Only after the guests.  I want to close my account but there is no way it can be done from the admin panel.  


I signed up, but haven't gone live. So if I do not go live they will see I'm inactive and I can request deletion?

Leandri Klopper

Hey Yayasgirl61 ,

Can you advise, do you want to Not go live on but you already received a booking?

Sorry, I'm struggling to understand the question.



I want to delete my account and property right now, beacuse I was trying to see how much I can get by rental and I didn't really want to do it.

How I can do this?

thanks for your reply

Konstantinos Zarifis

I also want to close my host account and it is far from transparent. Actually it is completely invisible as I am looking several days now and cannot find anything. Some directions are even misleading...!

I even tried their "Help" center but still nothing.

Needless to say this is completely illegal. I hope I get a reply soon.


ps. I managed to close my airbnb host account in seconds!

Linda Pateman

I agree. Booking.coms lack or personal communication absolutely ***. Where do we close our account? How? grrr


Does anyone know how to delete the account from yet? if someone does, pls help me out with it, coz i'm pretty new to and i found that it is too complicated.



This is absolutely ridiculous! And yes, it is ilegal too. Deleting booking account is easy but it does not delete the extranet account, and that seems to be ilegaly impossible.

Giannis Manousakis

Booking having two sites ( so two accounts ) for host and guest is stupid IMO. They keep pestering you to change passwords so it's easy to lose track of what you actually changed. I tried 4 times to login as host only to receive a blank page that upon reloading brought me to the guest login screen. Confusing and frustrating with no reason to be.