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Delete a duplicate property listing

How can I delete a property listing? The registration system is a failure. I filled the forms once and when I logged in again my property was not listed and the system requested me to fill the forms once again. After finishing filling the second registration I could finally access my profile and saw that my property was lister twice... SO not user friendly. Anyways, I am trying to delete the duplicate listing and guess what : NO WAY... Can someone tell me how can I delete a duplicate listing? Does not make sense that you can't delete it easily... 

Community Admin

Dear Felicitas Wilcke, thank you for posting in the community!

There is no option for you to delete the registration form your account. In this case, you will need to contact our customer support to inform them that you have listed the property 2 times and that you wish to remove the second registration from your account.   


Best of Luck!

Sam Shaw Davies

I have emailed on several occasions. And never get a reply back!! Very frustrating! 

The Stable



No-one answers the listed numbers.

No replies to emails.

Extranet won't log in.

Please put your email address and telephone number here

The Stable

I agree! It is so hard to do anything on this site, and they send you in circles. No-one answers the listed phone numbers and extranet never logs in.