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Delete my account so I can start fresh

Hi there i was wondering if it was possible to please delete my account, completely I want to start fresh with the page again. I'm a first time client to, and I did not know how everything works. Now that i know, I want to start anew please My email address is Company name is Malonjeni Guest Farm I have 2 x profiles under the same name, I want to delete all of them. One says I'm open for business, the other says I'm closed for business Property ID are 4542184 I would really appreciate your help in this We offer different kinds of accommodation, from house to a rondawel, to dormitory rooms, & then we also offer camping with caravan / tent 

I would be glad if someone can assist me regarding this matter 

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Charlene and welcome to the forum.

A few hours ago Leandri gave the following suggestion to another partner that had the same issue.

"According to all the posts on the forum that I've read about this, there is no way to actually Delete your account. Rather, you will disable your availability so as to not receive bookings.

You can do this on Rates and Availability, Calendar, Make all your rooms unavailable until the end of time. I also suggest sending a message via your messages on the extranet to ask them if there is such an option, and perhaps send us feedback on the Forum so we may share the advise in the future?"

Hope this helps you...