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delete property

hello i created two properties but it was by mistake, actually I have only one property and I would like to delete the other one.

indeed the second property is just a duplicate of the first.

How can I delete that property?

Gross Reis

I have the same doubt. 5 months and no one answered that. Shame on it.

Community Admin

Dear Gross Reis! Thanks for posting in the Community!

This Community was created for the property owners to communicate with each other.

If you would like to get an assistance from our Customer Support team, please contact us to the number you have in your Extranet Inbox or send us a message.

Best regards!

annette scott

I really dislike It is nearly impossible to get help. I have the same problem. All I want to do is delete a listing. It should be easy to find out how. 

The above answer says go to the extra net inbox and ask for help. Where is the extra net inbox. cant find that either.

Airbnb is SO much easier.

Agner Madsen

I can also confirm that deleting a property by is nearly imposible. Today I have used several hours to find a way to delete a property created by a mistake without any succes. Help assistance do also not work and the telephone number (danish) never answers.......

Think twice if you want to do services by!