Delete registration

I need to delete my registration with Booking.com. My current condition does not allow me to host guests for sometime to come. Please help ax I am unable to make contact with Booking.com




hello william

ive been trying to delete my registration for days now as ive had such a disaster with room been double booked over and over and many other ongoing problems im not happy at present

I finally found a contact number if u r in Australia which is 0292559200

best of luck im still trying ive even been told by booking.com via email that I have to find all the guests who have made bookings with me even tho rooms all over lapping

that im responsible to find them new accommodation its joke and that I will penalised by them sending invoices

best of luck



warning warning warning

there are over 20 to 40 are a they are still more for a room threats of me owing refunds

close your accounts now close emails cannot believe it what a horror