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Buenos Dias, quisiera saber si existe la posibilidad de que algunas habitaciones tenga el desayuno incluido y otras no, ya que tengo casas y departamentos en mi complejo que quiero publicar sin desayuno y no encuentro la opcion en intranet


Q) Would like to know if it is possible to have rooms including breakfast and other not.


A) Set up the rooms accordingly, some can include breakfast as an option, others can be available only with breakfast and others only as room-only. It's the rates section that does it, set ip accordingly. (currently ours are set so that the booker may choose either way for any of our rooms)

Give the room type a name = "Hungry rooms!" set the rate with-breakfast.

Give another room type name = "Fasting rooms!" set the rate as room-only.


Hi Rocio Zambrano!

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately this is an English speaking community but we are working on launching more languages. 

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