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Different taxes for similar locations

I am a bit confused here when I am checking another property that is located in another village just 700 m from ours. Here are the details.

On our property the charges that are shown:

24.78 € X2 Nights

City Tax 4.96 €

VAT 6.44 €

Total: 60.96 €

The other property shows these number only:

26.40 € X 2 nights.

Total: 52.80 €

Therefore the other property obviously earns more than mine and give better deal to its customers.

The question is why there is a difference? Why I have VAT and city tax and the other doesn't? Even if we assume that in the other village the city tax is zero (assumption that is not likely) why I have VAT charges and the other property doesn't?


Thank you.

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BrookAve 2 years ago

It likely does you just cant see it.