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Difficulties contacting the support team in Vietnam

Anyone else having problems contacting the Vietnamese team? Been almost 1 month that they were unable to answer to any of my messages and delaying the opening of my property :-(

I wish I could deal directly with the international team in Amsterdam...


Does anyone have any tips/contacts that could help me? Thanks!


Nothing is stopping you to contact the bdc support desk in Holland or any other country for that matter!


I wish it was that easy - we have been doing that for 1 month but the Holland team keeps forwarding the requests to the Vietnamese team - who has failed to answer all of the 13 of them...

Anh Trần

Dear VN Team,


Warmest Greetings From The LA VITA Central Resort 


We highly appreciate your support as follows 

- Updating Information: 

  Lien Nguyen (Ms): LA VITA Operation Manager, takes charge of S&M

  E.mail:                  *** ( LA VITA official account )

  Hand-phone:         ***/ Hotline - ***/ Private

- Set-up the LA VITA Extranet Account, and send the information to The Hotline or The LA VITA official e.mail account


Thank You, and Have A Nice Day!


Sincerely Yours,

Lien Nguyen