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Difficulty contacting Local NZ or Australian Support with a registration problem

I am unable to reach anyone at the local phone numbers for support in NZ or Australia  and the USA...(I am in New Zealand) . The person at this number cannot be reached - try again later" Any suggestions? 

I can't use the Inbox in the Extranet because...well that is part of the technical problem I am having!


2 years ago I set up everything on but decided not to finish registration , for various reasons. Over 10 days ago  I went in, entered and logged in ok, was asked to complete my registration and the details of my listing - which I did, but now every time I try to enter the extranet under my user account I get the same message about reviewing my account before it goes online. I have no probem with a review - but becasue it has been "stalled" for 10 days I suspect there is something wrong - technically. 


I'd like very much to have my properties listed - but am not even sure I can cancel , much less ammend, my account and start all over again!!


I suspect with the extended length of tie that I haven't accessed my account to finish registration that the "system" has in some way locked me down, or out, or both 


any suggestions as to how to make person to person contact would be appreciated. 

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi John Fountain , thank you for posting in the Community. If you already can access to your Extranet, but you are waiting to be Open-Bookable, means that our relevant team is making all the necessary checks to get you ready in our platfom.  If you want to know what's going on in more details,  please contact +64 9 300 4670 during office hours. Good luck!