Does anyone have the booking.com contact phone number in US?

It would be great to get a phone number or an email.  I am not able to register my properties as the system is not accepting my HI state accommodations tax numbers (I have tried entering them in many formats).

Please DO NOT send me the "contact us" page as I have tried all of the options, and none of them have worked.

I had attempted the following with no success so far. 

I have Asked another partner (here), so this is my second request,

Searched in "Go to Partner help." 

I tried to "Send a note," but there is no Inbox tab showing in my view on the extranet.  Maybe because I have not registered a property yet

I downloaded the Pulse app, but it is not sending codes or calling me to confirm the app. 

Looked for a number by selecting Contact one of our main lines only to get this message: "You are not authorized to access this page." 

It says I should have a dedicated phone number found in the extranet Inbox, but note above, I do not have an Inbox tab.






hello stacey

You will find your regional dedicated phone number* found in your extranet Inbox’ tab (admin portal). Follow the voice prompts to get in touch with the right department. The uril is is  admin.booking.com

I do not believe your pulse app will work until you have successfully registered your property.

Let us know if you manage.


Thank you for your comment.  Note that I do not have an "Inbox" tab in the extranet.  Maybe it only shows up once you register your property.  I tried using your link and still no Inbox tab.

Where is the Inbox tab?



Before and after I select a property that I'm trying to register there is no "Inbox" tab.


Yes you probably need to be registered.

here are some that google found for me!


Office phone: +1 (470) 363 2501 (office hours)

Office phone: +1 857-702-4004 (office hours)

Fax: +1 857-702-4009

Office phone: +1 (312) 279 8600 (office hours)

Fax: +1 (312) 577 0624

Office phone: +1 (303) 389 4200 (office hours)

Office phone: +1 (808) 457 4800 (office hours)


YAY!!!!  Thank you!!!!  I one of these numbers and I got a person almost immediately!!! 

Prior to posting, I tried to google to find a number and it gave me a customer service number where I needed a confirmation code and PIN.