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Double booking

I have just joined and had not synchronized my calendars.  I have a person from china booked for 7 days in June but had already 1 day booked with another.  I have tried to get in touch on several occasions to see if guest would relocate for 1 day and they have not responded  I am obligated to my guest for the 1 night.  What should I do?

Thuild - Your …

Dear Coull1,

You definitely need a Channel Manager solution, so you avoid these things automatically.

Right now, you can call to try and talk to the guest who booked 1 night, to cancel the booking or for him to be relocated, which means that you will incur some penalties either way, maybe the 1 night amount or double. Read your contract, it says it clearly there.

Hope this helps,

Zsolt -


Hi. The 1 night booking was from a different site, not a site.

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Still, the same rule applies, call them and see if they can cancel it without you incurring charges for allotment overbooking.

Good luck,

Zsolt -

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

It's quite a bad one. Did the client already pay though? And what does your policy say? If you're unable to receive payment from the client then might allow you to cancel without any penalties, depending on what your policy says. Perhaps look into that for a solution.

Best of luck!