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Duplicate property requires deletionn


for some unknown reason there is a duplicate entry of my property, and I can't find how to delete it.

It is a less information version of my required property in another location. I can't find the owner account of it and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

Can anyone help please? Thank you.

Optmize Vacations

The best way it to flag the listings to You can do this, by going directly on to the listings and clicking the little flag icon 'Report this listing' and this will go directly to a team within who will look into it further.


I have a problem cause there is only one property and for some reason it was duplicated. I tried the advice to go to listing and click the little flag but there’s no flag to click. What other ways to do this please


This is idiotic. I have two duplicates and I have to jump through hoops to delete them?