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I want to edit my listing but can't find how


Big subject!

What do you want to edit?

Everything can be done yourself except for the general description which is generated by an alien! (AKA computer algorithm that works on search words and phrases). For this you'll need much back and forth conversation with BDC until you reach an acceptable compromise.

Susan Johnson

There is no proper description of the Shepherds Hut and its location!

The nearest airport is INVERNESS NOT Stornaway. Stornaway is an island many hours away by ferry. 

The shepherds hut, Wuthering Heights, overlooks a golf course which is important in the description and over to the ocean and views of Skye and the western isles. 

It is a 5 minutes walk to the harbour and to the pub, the Old Inn,  with a fabulous restaurant. 


There are whale watching cruises and trips on a glass bottomed boat and boat hire.

There are lovey walks over a wide beach and mountainous area and wildlife abound.

Susan Johnson

We want to change the pricing. Taking into consideration your commission we would like to change the nightly rate from 75 pounds to 85 pounds but with a minimum of 3 days and a week is at the rate of 75 pounds per night. 

The shepherds hut is a self catering shepherds hut but with a basic hamper of bread and milk and coffee and tea on arrival at no extra cost.

Kevin Brown

I guess no one is answering questions?  What is the purpose of this page?