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I just created an account for my chalet, I need the verification code for the location.

But the problem is that it is my vacation residence and it is not possible to receive mail by post, could you send me the code by an other way?



Phil Higley

This problem is cropping up time and time again. Surely are more than capable of coming up with alternative means to enable this. An up to date utility bill with owner details and obviously proof of address. Or would this method not involve enough complcations ?



HI Bouju Yves


For now you must ring BdC support team and ask for help or alternative option.



reminder this is partner community not BdC support team.


Extranet > inbox, messages,

right pane

click on See Contact Options



Kind regards

Phil Higley

Yes Barry we appreciate what you are saying, however this needs to be addressed. The reason i and many others are posting on here with this very same problem is simple. I cannot for a minute imagine that everybody advertising on BDC have received this verification code. We are posting on here in the hope that someone on the ground so to speak ( not someone stuck on a phone behind a desk ) has experienced this problem and found an alternative way to verify their property location. I thought that was the reason for this partner forum. We don't really need to be advised to contact BDC through other channels we are looking for feedback from someone who has experienced this  problem and found a way around it ( hopefully ). 

Cheers Phil.



Hi phil


This has been posted many times before , in fact it goes back at least 14 months+.


And now 14 months later it still has not changed.


In some rare cases and it also seems entirely dependent on country/location , that team, will offer to do a video call with you at the location.


I would imagine they will use anything from WhatsApp to , zoom, bluejeans, google hangouts, the list of tech goes on in order to do this.



So currently the only course of action is to submit a message to the relevant category/sub category, requesting an alternative option.


So now when i see one post on same topic, i just cut to the chase as to what you cantry. Of course there is no guarantee  they will do this either.


Different BdC Teams by country/region, are not created equally or of same quality of competence.


Kind Regards.


Phil Higley

Hi Barry

Thanks for your reply. Therefor i think it best to withdraw my application to advertise my property on and rely on all the other major sites to rent our apartment. It really is an extreme requirement to verify your property location. So we have two choices. 1. receive the code by post ( not possible for various reasons )  2 Jump on a plane and travel thousands of miles simply to be at the property to receive a video call ( most definitely not going to happen )  why oh why on earth a recent utility bill will not suffice is completely beyond me. 

Regards Phil.