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Hi can you grow my hotel business




No thats not a thing. No one can do it for you or make it happen.


  1. Check and maintian calendar availability.
  2. Review restrictions are not hampering Guests booking.
  3. Create the various types of promos, Early Bird, etc
  4. Review the Extranet Analytics
  5. Read the several articles by other partners on what they do that are on here, and many in the featured tag, column list.


Account Adviso…

Hi Sanjay, 


There are a number of ways you can promote your property on 



  • These are great to set up to sell rooms at the last minute, boost revenue during a quiet period or target specific bookers in high-growth markets. To find out more, you can look at this guide


Genius Partner Program:

  • Genius is an exclusive program that brings partners closer to our most frequent bookers. You can learn more about Genius here.


Preferred Partner Program:

  • Preferred is another exclusive program that gives your property greater visibility. This is only available to our top 30% of partners and you must meet a set of criteria to join. Once a member, you can expect a big boost in bookings in return for a small increase in commission. Find out more in this guide.


You can also visit the Opportunity Centre in the Extranet to find an overview of what can help increase your bookings and revenue. The opportunities are tailored to your property based on an analysis on your performance.


If you need us again, we're always here.


Tiffany L. Partner Services




Preferred Partner Program:was suspended in 2020 due to COVID, and no official announcement it was resumed since.

M Adamopoulou

Oh! Didn’t know that...

When did this happen???

Were you privately informed???

Thanks Barry🌞


i think it was segei who posted it after i kicked up about it back in april/may 2020