exporting booking.com calendar

HI Guys trying to export link to my airbnb any suggestions? 



Hi Sarah,


Simply don't try to , calendar sync is not instant not reliable.


It only works when you have 2 or more OTA and a Channel Manager and they sync into the CM Calendar.


Also the sync option does not appear in your BdC calendar when the count of room type is greater than 1. 


You need to set each room regardless of type to be separate rooms if you want that feature without a C.M.


Kind Regards

Sarah Ene

ok, so just need to really watch both calendars for bookings then. thanks for the help. 


Yes , how I do it is have both OTA smart phone apps installed.


and then block the same date ,same room on the opposite one.


Beds24.com is one of the cheapest CM solutions out there, it just requires great patience and get all the little things done.


plenty of youtube videos how to along with their own guides on how to setup.


as with any OTA and a CM there may be limitations. but they all do the same core feature, book and manage rooms with a single calendar i.e. the CM calendar.


others to consider are cloudbeds, there is a list under the Acocunt menu on Extranet under the channel manager sub menu link.

Lucky Tuna

Did you find a solution, Sarah ?