Extra guest supplement fee

Hi everybody! 

I am new on Booking, I managed to create a complete listing so far. 

There is only one last thing I am trying to figure out how to set.

My property can welcome 4 guests in total: 1 bedroom (2 guests) and a sofa bed (2 guests) in the living room. I would like to set a fixed price for 2 guests and then automatically add 20 Euro x night for any additional guest up to 4 (max capacity). By doing this, the listing would be much more competitive because it would show a lower price associated to different numbers of guests

Right now it is only showing the price for 4 guests!

Thank you :D 



Hi Laura


Honestly I would not do that, as I find it immoral.


  • Do you have it setup as a single unit?
  • Defined bedroom  with standard layout 1 bedroom , 1x double... and then alternative 1 x double and then 1 x sofabed.?
  • A sofa bed is anything but a luxury, it's no better than a glorified camp bed.  
  • To charge for it is just wrong to me.
  • Just charge for the unit  only and say it is suitable for up to 4.
  • i.e. factor it into the cost of renting the unit or leave it be.
  • I get the competitive idea but ,is it really worth it in the long run and the current climate of deminishing or zero  guests ?


Some food for thought.



You will find the additional cost in the room definition and a sub link to go to the extra charges for others on same page.





Kind Regards


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