Since I registered my propterty, it haven't been possible to access my Extranet.

The property is still (from several moths ago) in revision process.

Pics of Extranet activation pending:

Property Under revision yet

Best regards,

Richard Chacón


Hello Richard, as the prompt says your listing is "under revision" and there is no published turnaround time of how long this will take until they validate the listing. I am sure it will not be long before you recv an email that your listing is live! GL!

11 months ago

has it really been more than one month? are you sure you have not missed emails fro m them such as in your spam folder. try contacting support by phone even if it means queuing for an hour, it is worth trying.  

To find your local contact us number :  

  1. Go to admin portal
  2. click on Inbox , then Booking.com messages
  3.  On right pane under Contact Us, click to expand it down and open out, there you will see the phone number.  

Kind Regards

11 months ago