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Fake clients

We are a small Pension and have just started using We have had an alarming amount of bookings from fake clients, mostly from Russia and China. I have contacted about this but they have had very little contact and certainly no resolution it just keeps happening.Does any one else have this problem and has there been any resolution. The fake clients often use fake addresses for instance the latest Russian address was for a traffic island in an obscure town (google maps street view is very helpful). Also claim to have checked credit card details but with the fake addresses given this seems highly unlikely and when the fake client "no shows" the message is the booking was made without a credit card. I have contacted but as yet have had no meaningful reply. Is all this a common problem and does anyone in the community have a solution?

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@Mike Newport One day in February i almost had a heart attack, I opened my account to find i had 20 bookings from Chinese nationals Later i came to realize it was a fake booking. Mike there are two things that can cause such an occurrence

1. Its good to set a certain percentage to be deducted any time there is a now show for the guest. This will discourage such kind of a behavior

2.If you market your property using the link maybe this copied link landed to some very idle people who decided to play around with you. Anyway i am sorry to what is happening to you

2 months ago
Phalla Yai

@Mike, Did you found any solution on that already? 

I just had the same problems recently, and mostly the guest name sound all Chinese. 

I thought there is only one person who made all of those bookings or they work for someone? 

My case was,they make a lot of bookings and every booking always come with the same form of requesting to cancel only 10 sec after each reservation.All bookings come with all the wired chinese-english name and wired country you almost never heard of and of course you can tell it is just made up booking.

@Kibokoafrica it might be true that someone might decided to just play around on booking but I can't imagine it come every one hour or 2 hours in between each booking and they will keep booking it until my room are shown as fully booked even though i keep adding rooms many times each day.( for my experiences) 

It does not harm me as much as if I keep my eye on and always make sure I still have rooms available to book before it shown as fully booked before the day end. But it really a time wasted.

23 days ago