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Fake Listing on

Here is the link of the fake property details listed on the portal.

The pictures and other contents have been taken from our website and has been listed in your portal as Hoovi Estate Stay by an unauthorized person. We are not responsible for any earlier communication or transactions that had with the owner of the fake listing.
Even after repeated request to take down the said listing, there's no action from Instead, they keep on sending some Invoices and are asking us to pay!.
Why we have to pay for something we have not used or listed on the portal. It's just absurd.
In-fact, we created our property listing just yesterday. But looking at the response from, we have now decided to delist/remove our property from the portal. I have already initiated legal proceedings against the owner of the fake listing.
Request you to please delist/remove our property as well as the fake property listing from your portal at the earliest and oblige.
For any clarification, please feel free to call on the numbers given at the end of the mail.
Thank You,
Umesh Kumar M E
Hoovi Home Stay, Mallandur, Chikkamagalur Dist., Karnataka, India

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.

Unfortunately no one here can help you with your request. This is just the Partner Forum. Property owners, such as yourself, come here to share advice/ideas. So there is no Admin/ team here to take action on the above.

You will need to send it directly to through your Extranet: messages.

Best of luck!