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Fictitious booking

My first 'guest' booking (booking ID *******) on has been a fictitious one - Name, telephone number and address of the 'guest' are all fictitious. My two messages to the 'guest' brought no response, and when I tried calling the number, it turned out that no such number exists!

Guest Name:******* United States of America

Request other partners on the forum to share such experiences if any

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hey Meenakoka,

Thanks for the post!

Your post can go one of two ways. Either you will get No responses as the topic of fraudulant/fake bookings have been discussed 6 days to Sunday acrros the forum, OR this post with take flame and will receive a Lot of replies stating more of the same.

If your aim with this post was to share the Names and Details of the specific guests who make fake bookings so as to warn others, thank you but sadly it won't work here. Any personal details posted here gets removed - As you can see, the details you've posted has already been removed. We are not allowed to do that because of legal restrictions.

What I can tell you though, is if you think a booking is fake... send the guest an email with a due date for payment (include your banking details, the amount and currency) and if the guest does not make payment by die due date then you can phone to cancel the booking. Problem solved.

Hope this helps!