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First Introduction

Hi to all members of this Foram


We are quite new to this forum and we are finding it highly motivational cum ehthusiatic. My name is Inder Negi and I'm a tube in your forum wheel. The tube I belong to owns, control and sustain cum maintain many Uttaranchal Guest Houses, Uttaranchal Restaurant , Hotel Uttaranchal Inn & Uttaranchal Tour & Travel company along with a corporate firm " Green4care"  over and across India . We have taken many steps to get these properties listed on to ensure international guests from all across the globe don't miss out the best offering of India and in particular Uttarakhand most popular tourist city Nainital and our Hotel Uttaranchal Inn + many more international standard Uttaranchal Guest Houses & Resorts!

Our biggest property, Hotel Uttaranchal Inn, is located in Bajoon which is just 6 km prior to Nainital city and Naini lake rest and features stunning views of Naini Valley and Mountains. What makes it so unique is the "All Seasons" weather the Hotel Uttaranchal Inn offers. As it's nestled on top of a mountain Naini range you can expect to wake up to a misty morning, enjoy cool autumn winds with best breakfast, soak up the summer sun in the afternoon and snuggle up for a winter's night in front of the built in fireplace.

If any of you and all partners of this wonderful forum could travel a bit more to Nainital (Uttarakhand-India), We will request you to certainly use to secure your accommodation.

Here we assure you all that this stay with Hotel Uttaranchal Inn will definitely will be the best memories for you & your family members. 

Thanks & Kind Regards

Inder Negi

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