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First reservation from guest

Hi, I registered with you last December but I never had the chance to have a booking for different reason, from March at least due to the Corona virus. Now I have a request and I don’t know what I have to do, should I answer to the traveler? How, from where? I need to speak with an agent from you! I have requested this several time and no clear reply from you. Thanks,  

Angela Cojocaru 2 years ago

hi, your reply is not satisfactory at all for me, instead of sending me to read all sections from you very unfriendly site, very complex that you don't know what link to open, you could have answered to me and make a customer happy.

I am really disappointed of the communication way between you Booking.Com and the customers, most of the time you are directing us to your site where is a maze for us.


Angela Cojocaru

2 years ago

Hello, Angela Cojocaru! Welcome to the Partner Community. The difference between the Community and support is that here other fellow partners, just like you, help each other with different questions and use the Partner Help articles as a source of information. 

Many partners prefer to read the articles and ask our most active community users for advice instead of contacting the support. But if you still would like to talk with the support, please contact them via your extranet. You can read more details here:

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BrookAve 2 years ago


  1. No one is going to do it for you.  
  2. You have zero choice but to learn how to do it yourself.  
  3. You will never learn how to, if you cant do the basics of learn those sections.  
  4. You cant post on here and expect someone from BdC support team will reply or call you.


Reminder this is the Partner Hub Community only!!

Also my reply was a simply summary of where you need to start and does not cover every possible scenario.


I volunteer to help , advise you on next steps only, its one thing to not agree with my opinion, its another entirely to be blind to what is right in front of you.


PS: We arePartners not BdC staff.


But since you clearly are blinded by your rage of BdC its not the only thing you missed.


There is nothing unfriendly ,nor complex about the Extranet or the Partner Help Knowledgebase, its entirely you being  lazy


Hint its called Partner Help for a reason *waits for the penny to drop*

Kind Regards,

A thick skinned leprechaun.





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Le Balcon des Jasses 2 years ago

If you buy anything on the internet, and you give wrong Credit Card Details and CVC code, you get nothing. Just reject.

But do you know, You can make a booking, with, and GIVE FAULT Credit Card and CVC code information, And You get your Booking, it's just perfect!!!

If handle Payment, can control Card details. But if are not taking payment, you can make your booking, don't care with card info.

It means I have my own Pay terminal, card reader, and if a client gives wrong Card info, I cannot charge if a Booking is cancelled after our policy, and here it is one week, and we charge 100%.

From 16 June, to now, we lost 310€uro, and will not change Policy.

The check, automatic, of any Credit Card info, are easy, everyone can, But don't give us this help.

I talk to, Finance many times, and the answer is always the same: Use for Payment. It cost 3%.

No, I will not, we have a restaurant and drink charge, and our customer pays direct.

Ok, I can sit here and Check all card info from all bookings, it means lots of extra work, and if wrong, writing to the customer and ask for correct info.

What to do?? Why will not upgrade the system, Why do I have to lose??


Hi from Lucy

Looking forward to a reply.




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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Angela and welcome to the Partner Community.

Being a newbie is very difficult to understand how this platform works.

This Community is very helpful and always ready to help partners but as Barry said some things you have to do it by yourself...

Unfortunately, I had to read BDC regulations and guidelines over and over again in English and in my mother tongue to understand how everything works...and still have many questions...


Thanks to Partners in this Community I found my way step by step...

If you have a reservation you can contact with your guest by sending him a message through your Extranet...

Reservations are automatically confirmed...

If you want to contact with someone from you can contact your local BDC office or send them a message request through your Extranet inbox.

I understand all theses are frustrating but the Tourist industry is very demanding...

Wish you a great start...