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What does Payment received mean ? I haven´t set up any payout settings, Am I supposed to collect payment directly from the guests when they arrive ? Thanks in advance. !Payment help

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Hi Renzo,


If you have literally done no payout settings, then this  should be your next action.


Ideally choose Payments by Booking.com and set as prepay only.


For this phone BdC support directly to advise on this reservation directly.


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5 months ago
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Dear Renzo Guibu! Thanks for posting in the Community!


In the screenshot above "Received" means that credit card details of the guest were received (from this we can assume, that you've chose to receive credit card payment). It usually would mean, that you need to charge guest's credit card in advance or upon arrival, depending on your policies. 


You can check and/or change your current payment method in "Property" tab - "Policies" - scroll down to "Guests payment options".


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5 months ago