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General Questions

Hi everyone i'm just arrived her on, and i would like to know some information.

1. How i can edit some wrong information in my listing

2. How people pay me? In the process of submission i need only to tell if i accept credit card but soon as I receive a booking request how I can know if the person had payed?

3. I set up my propriety but due my ignorance, right know i want to delete that booking request and to block all the future request till i'm not sure that all is ok in my propriety.

How i can do it? 

Sorry for my noob questions, but the extranet interface is really hard to understand for me.

Arpana chendke 4 years ago

U can go on extranet n to property option to edit as per ur requirement ....
... Arpana Chendke

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David S 4 years ago

On 1 question there is answer: go to extranet/ view Your descriptions/ then under property descriptio there is request for correction. And go on ?

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Blagoje Acho 4 years ago

It is booking reservation not booking request. You have to contact asap especially if guests reservation is soon!