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Get photos back from in original format


Anyone who knows how I can download the pictures I have posted on in the original format?

I have managed to erase my original pictures that I have on and called customer service to ask if they could send a copy in original format back to me. But the answer was they can only see them on the screen and do not have them in any other format?! And they could not connect me with any technician. 

Please, how can I retrieve my pictures in high pixel format, for instance as +1 MB instead of the 200kb I recieve when I just copy them from the screen?


Leandri Klopper


Sorry to hear!

Well, perhaps if you right click and "save picture as" instead of copying it. It should download it as you loaded it.


M Adamopoulou

Leandri, respect only respect.

You are incredible. I am always following you.

Take care...