Getting fake bookings

Why am I getting so many fake bookings. Even the names of the clients are fake.

Aaltje B.

Hi Bella

Are your fake bookings for one night only?

And how much time in advance they made the booking?

I typed this topic in the search bar and there's a lot to read about it. You may find your solution there reading through other hosts' complaints.

Going with Airbnb is best too. They charge the guest before booking. There is no way a false booking can come in. Adding that platform may help you.

And you can request your local BDC office if they allow for your guests to pay the unit at the time of booking.

Wishing you smooth season!


Aaltje B.

Bella1964 Ns

Thank you. I have got at least 4 fake bookings and not a single genuine one from booking.com
We are also registered on Airbnb and I have had very good bookings from them.

Aaltje B.

You could change settings too. Open it three months ahead in time instead of the whole year?

Did you have a peek into the answers to questions previously done? Did you find anything there that might work for you?


I am getting too many fake booking

In spite on my guest policy setting i have selected the option that says guest must have a verified phone number and address.i still continue to get the bookings that have no numbers and no address.

I have raised 3 complaints at the customer care, all they replied saying they can do nothing on this.

Fake booking block my calendar and does not allow bookings from other sites. that is a loss for me.

Airbnb is far better gateway then fake booking.com


Hello everybody also I have a same problem! I run a small guest house from 2 weeks now and I had receive more than 10 fake booking, I have write to support but nothing! Booking needs to help with this problem or otherwise it let me think that booking have do with fake bookings!