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Getting My Bank A/c Established in the system

I have been trying to complete my application form for several months but the Bank information is being rejected. Why? The Bank Account form issued online to me requires an IBAN. We do not use IBAN in Jamaica. I have had several discussions with but I have got no solution to date. Several days ago I spoke with customer service and they told me that I would get a different form. I am still waiting.

In fact I have had to cancel a booking because of this and closed some bookable periods hoping that I would by now have got a solution.

This is ridiculous! If anyone has had this problem and got it solved I would like to hear from you. Thanks.

Hope to have a solution before the end of the week.


Doreen Seacastles 3322255


Mskeg 4 years ago

Similar difficulties here too.
Cannot use the IBAN number, no option to use account number or sort code.
Struggling to find a telephone number to contact too