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Guest cheat for no show

Hi Team, 

Really disappointed with this handling;

reservation reference no: **

Check in: 1st Aug 2018     check out: 3rd Aug 2018

Room: 2 units of deluxe triple with bf

status: No show

I marked no show on 2 aug 2018, and expected everything has been done with the expectation that will not charge us the commission fee. 

on 3 sep, 2018, received an outstanding invoice due on 16 sept 2018, invalid no show for this booking. After follow up, told us that the customer service verified with customer making this booking that he did checked in to our property. Surprisingly, remarked the reservation back to confirm status.

Hence denied this no show based on what the Booker said. Felt unfair, as told me again, they did sent a mail to our general reservation mail regarding this booking but not in the admin panel and we did not replied in time and the invoice has been issue and there is not turning back. I cant believe this as the account handling we have debit note and credit note. Yet still reply that the Booker did checked in. let me show you the prove here. 


The pics above are showing the booking of the guest and the guest conversation request to cancel the booking without penalty fee on the night before the arrival date which is only 1 and half hour before arrival date

the pic above showing that I did marked no show on 2 Aug 2018

Invoice from

 Our system record showing the transaction from date 1st Aug till 3rd Aug only one guest except this Booker of reservation reference number: **

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Laura, Communi… 3 years ago

Hi Jinhold Apartment Hotel Bintulu

Thanks for your post. Don’t forget, this space is all about sharing your expertise with others. Since this isn’t something fellow partners can help you with, the quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet.

Good luck with everything,


Jinhold Apartm… 3 years ago

Hi Laura,

Thanks, was expected this forum was for support from as well. Now i understand, sorry for the mistake.

However did contacted the related department however, very sad to hear their respond (negative).

Keba Wilson 3 years ago

I had same problem..they charge me for no show for August 30 I just want to know.
What date's they start they payment

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Bandara Hotels… 3 years ago

If you can't get resolve from customer service team you can ask for guideline in this community. We are happy to share.