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A guest has cancelled their booking by mistake and is trying to re-book but is unable to do so.

 One of my guests was trying to change the dates of his booking but has accidentally cancelled his booking. He is trying to re-book but the system won't allow him to do this. He has contacted me to ask for help. Is there any reason why he can't re-book when the dates he wants are available?


Thats a strange one? maybe he has to wait a few hours for it to go through properly?

There is no known reason why this wouldn't work but maybe the system hasn't released the room yet because of a small time delay. I would ask the customer to try again the next day.


Hi, thanks for your input. I thin k I've sorted it out now. It seems there was a problem with my synced calendars. When the guest cancelled, the dates were automatically blocked as a booking from another site. I've updated the calendars on both sides and refreshed and it seems to be ok now. I've advised the guest to try booking again so we shall see what happens.


My guest has messaged me this morning saying he has had no luck again with trying to re-book. I’m getting cross now!

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Okay perhaps ask to give the client a call considering it's their system that is struggling a bit. They can maybe Force a booking, they have done that for me in the past.

Breathe, best of luck! I'm sure it will all work out.

(I respect your dedication to help this guest)


Thanks for all your help people. I have it sorted now. It was a synced calendar issue after all. For your info, it’s worth just checking regularly to make sure one site hasn’t blocked dates that should be bookable. Do a refresh etc xx