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Guest isn't canceling


I just joined and posted my apartment and want to solve one problem with guest who booked my place, but I can't host her and she doesn't want to cancel.

I received another guests from my friend, from tourist agency I was without internet that time and before I updated my calendar I found out that other group also reserved my place few minutes ago. It happened yesterday and this second group who reserved on isn't canceling.

their check-in was yesterday and on the web-site it looks like they arrived and living in my place, but they're not.

so what should i do about that? cause I'm not going to pay service fee for this guy's and I don't want to mark them as No show. I send messages and asked them to cancel but nothing happened

thank you

here's chat screenshot


You must mark them as NO-SHOW, why wouldn't you do that?
The guest doesn't need to cancel, because it was your fault in the first place. Some of them will some wouldn't.. It is not their problem, it is yours basicly.
No internet connection? That's funny I guess you do use Pulse mobile app which can be accessed via mobile data network. But we all used this story before (about the bad internet and bad weather lol).


If what you have written is true, you have a double booking. According to the contract you have to accept the reservation. Or am I wrong?