Guest Requested after hours check in and I can't do how do I cancel?

Guest paid for 1 night in June and requested a late check in. I do not take people after 19.30 and it states this clearly in the listing in the check in box and several other places I have listed it. 

I contacted the person by mobile as they did not answer email. Very quickly... I reported why...I work from 19.30- 02.00 so COMPLETELY unable to do them check in and this is why I state check in times. 

They reported that I should be able to check them in! It's my lose! I can't come out of work and accommodate them and they think I should.

I rely on guest reading everything they signed up for and booked and agreed to.

I explained nicely that I could not check them in. Wasn't rude and they just came back with harsh and then rude comments...I reported that I sent them a link to cancel the booking.

I can not see them canceling and I can not accommodate this nor have to put up with their language when I am so polite and thinking of what is best for them. There is no charge to them!!!

She even threatened me with...I am an inspector!

No idea what to do. I have blocked the mobile number. 

Aaltje B.

Hi Adele, 


Yes, I think it is best to ask the BDC team to help out. 

Look in the extranet for the inbox and help tab, or phone within your own country if possible. 

I have found too, that people don't read (enough)  when they make a booking. 

But you could add a photo to your listing as being the third or fourth photo, that you do not check-in after .... time. Hopefully, people get the message then. Add text to your photo. 

Example: photo of someone's watch with your time of closing on it. 

hope this helps you to not get late arrivals anymore. 


Aaltje B. 



wow, just wow.


Yeah simply get the BdC support team to handle this vile people.


All you have to say is :

'As per the listing check-in and out is between x and y.

We cannot accommodate any thing else.

If you decide to cancel that is your perrogative and our cancelation policy rules will then be applied to the rate type chosen automatically."


I would not engage in explaining anything why etc.. its pointless and just creates stress you can do without.


The phrasing above is intentional so as to remind them the rules and conditions of the booking are on display both before and after they booked.


They might try to request a Cancelation Waiver so that they get a full refund. Simply Auto decline.

Dont even contemplate it , just click decline and state your name and title in the form.

I see my 'Put text on photos' idea is finally spreading to other partners. 

My simple creative idea is based on the psychology of the visitor to the webpage.

You want them to not skim read, but still get the most important info absorbed quickly and easily, without it feeling like alot of effort.


Kind Regards


Aaltje B.

Hi Barry 

I like the idea of the photos with written text on it a lot. 

When I started with BDC I put txt in my photo, since that is what I did with platform A. But then I had the photo deleted, saying it wasn't appropriate. Since there are foreigners reading it and may not understand it, so I had to stop doing it. (??)  (the photo showed the super king bed with the word "firm" written on it- so future guests know it is not a cheapy or worn)

But now it is widely accepted, and I am happy! Yahoo! 


lol wow, really?

It got removed for clarifying the firmness of the bed, wow.




Just wow. 


Once you sent a free cancelation request I think this can't be undone (no expiry date)? So basicly they can now cancel for free on the day before arrival? 


Let us know how did Booking.com respond/solve this issue.