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Guest Review System (GRS)

Hi could you please explain us how the GRS system works in detail? Just recently we were rated 10 in all six categories however the overall score is 9. How this is possible?

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Michal 


There are plenty of main topics covering this system, no one truly understands it, nor agrees with how it works.


It just is that way, and this topic has been covered many times 10-12 months ago.


Nothing is changing about it since.


Use search to find it if you are curious to see the conversations.


Yes the the overall rating is  independent slider , and not tied to anything. Done by the Guest.



Merry Xmas

Michal Dysko 1 year ago

Hello, thanks for a quick answer. This topic is really tricky as this particular customer rang me right after booking displayed his review and appologizing that he had wanted to grand us 10 not 9 :( Seems that this GRS system doesnt make any sense as it is not objective at all..does it?

Wish you a very merry X-mass too.