Guests - leaving a mess

So I have had my first Booking.Com guest, and having spent the morning cleaning vomit from the walls, the floor and all over the toilet, as well menstrual blood off the bathroom walls I am not very impressed.

At least on AirBNB I could leave a review of the guest so that other hosts are forewarned.

I have contacted Booking.com for advice, but several hours later no response at all.

Not impressed with either the guest or support from Booking.com


You can report guest misconduct. You could also collect damage deposits on the arrival.


Wow sorry to hear.


Exactly how did you contact booking and no response? If email then that's perfectly normal can be up to 2 business days, and is standard practice for a turn around.


This is why if serious and urgent pick up the phone instead.


Was there any sign of an attempt to clean it up?


It would be unusual for someone to get that sick and then not try to clean some of it and then give up

Interesting observation on the 'menstrual blood', you a CSI/Sherlock Holmes fan too?

I had my own similar 'accident' to clean up in my first 6 months.

It was a one off and I learned to reduce the max age allowed for guests.



Kind regards

Adam Getliff

Two days is a long time in my book. 

On the menstrual blood comment - the giveaway was a used sanitary towel in the bin next to the blood one the wall - yes, a detective, and no attempt made to clean it off despite appropriate wipes being available in the bathroom.

I have called them - their reason for delayed response is Coronavirus. Fair enough. Automatic response not available to them? "Sorry - we're a bit busy right now... blah blah".

This was an "adult" booking. At least a call from client and some attempt to clean up would be appreciated. 

My experience with other platforms is a much more rapid response. As a first time booking with Booking.com (with much higher commission rates) I expected better.



Well for example AirBnB charges a host around 3% and guest around 14% so they basicly earn more commission. Different model same outcome. 

Walter de Brito

I had something very similar today.

My guest checked in and went out. At 4 a.m. I woke up with a lady in my room who was brought by my guest. He was not allowed to bring anyone with him since he paid for a single room.

In the morning, he left the moment I went to the bakery to buy things for breakfast and still took the towel with him, probably dirty after intercourse. I contacted Booking.com and informed everything and asked for charge him for an extra guest. Booking refused to charge him, of course.


Of course.


That's why you can collect damage/security deposits at the check-in, specially if wrong doings are happening on a frequent basis.


To all of you newcomers, you will soon realize that you are completely on your own, don't expect any kind of protection from BOOKING.COM


While on the other hand, the guests are protected maximally!!


You don't like it? Leave, no problem, there are another 99.999 properties left... (yes, thousands) Booking is the biggest player in this game and he can behave like that.


You charged the guest with prepayment but a guest canceled and has a right to get the money back, but you didn't refund him? Booking will send this money back to the guest and add this amount to your monthly invoice.

When it comes to you, your "No show" policy is "100% penalty charge" and a guest kept your room booked the whole time and didn't show at all, but no money on the guest's credit card so you end up with 0€, SORRY YOUR PROBLEM, no help from BOOKING-SORRY!


It's like that and you can accept it or leave, but don't worry, Booking will survive. ;)



But that won't happen if you use "Online payments by Booking.com", charging BDC virtual card I beleive.


If you collect payments by yourself it is wise to at least pre-authorize CC on the time of booking, and collect payments right after the free cancelation period is over. 


Yes, I also believe it wouldn't happen, only if   "Online payments by Booking.com" would exist in my country. ;)

But unfortunately, that service is not supported here.

So we are on our own.



M Adamopoulou

Are we on our own????  Booking.come  is giving us tools to protect ourselves and our properties... we have to make our policies as strict as possible to be safe....

Booking.com is a leader and helping us to been seen in their site is bringing us many bookings....of course we pay commission for their service....commission is a part in all travel services....

Booking.com facilitates my payments and have no problems...

This travel industry is a very demanding one and we have to play with their rules to survive...

Thinking positive helps...


Dear Mrs M Adamopoulou, positive thinking has nothing to do with this one. :)))


" we have to make our policies as strict as possible to be safe... "

Of course you can make your policies as strict as possible, but the question is can you make any bookings with it... ;)


I can see that you are on Booking.com for 2 years now, soon it will be my 10th year online, so I know what I am talking about believe me... ;)


All the best to you and keep up the great work you are doing!!!

Best regards, M

M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner,

Many thanks for your wishes...

Sorry to hear that “Payments by Booking.com” is not  available in your country...it’s an excellent payment method.

I might be a newbie with little experience in this travel industry but thanks to fellow partners in this Community and the excellent support BDC has always given me I am enjoying hosting.

Wish everybody great guests.

Community Admin

Hi Adam Getliff! Thanks for posting in the Community!


We are really sorry to hear about your troubles.


As we can see, you already managed to get in touch with Customer support team. 


We would like to advise you to set up a damage deposit. This will help you to avoid similar situations in the future. You can do it via "Property" - "Policies" in your Extranet!


Best regards!

Adam Getliff

Thanks - problem is the only way to collect one is in cash as you don't facilitate it via the booking :-(