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Having to login to extranet every single time, even when just opening a new tab

I am having an issue where I have to login to the extranet every single time I navigate there. It's really frustrating as there is no option to tick a 'remember me' box or anything. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Side note - I've listed two properties on, one is closed and unbookable, the other is open and bookable. I asked support about this and they said we have to wait for a confirmation code to be mailed out, but I don't understand why one property is fine and the other isn't. Anyone experienced this?



Hi Chris,


That is a session security feature, due to how you are using it. i.e. by design , and many website do this as a security standard to prevent hijacking/ code injection etc.


Dont open links to NEW TAB without first logging on to a new session, and it wont happen for most things. But some sections/pages will always require  a 2nd Auth credential verification.


Install the pulse app so you can use the Extranet PIN generators aka 2FA as a method.


I strongly reccommend 2FA and pulse.



Kind Regards.  


Chris Coughlan

Thank you for your reply however I would completely disagree with your assertion that this is 'normal' for most sites. Even sites with far more security liabilities than allow the user to opt to avoid 2FA or logins every single time they navigate to the page. 

I currently have 2FA active via text but not through pulse so I don't see too much benefit to changing anything there. 

The fact is that the extranet is the only site I use where I can't even use a password manager to autofill the fields for me due to the nature of their site setup. It's unnecessary and overly complicated without any material benefit.