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having trouble with setting up guestnumber


I'm new here, and would appreciate the help. 

In the search engine it says my maximum number of gusts is 3.  But I set it up for 7. How is this happening?




Hi Ilana Brenner


Welcome, your partner profile is incomplete we cant see the 'View My Listing;

and you have barely shared what your listing is

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


The devil is in the detail as the Irish say :)

Share it please otherwise we have to guess and make assumptions.


This is caused by not correctly setting up the Room type Details per room type.

specially the arrangement of the room bedding options and then the overall occupancy level.


If its a single unit like an apartment the options are renamed different but still the same general area to look in.


Extranet > Property > room details or Property layout.


Kind regards


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Account Adviso…

Hi Ilana,

If you need to change your maximum occupancy, please follow this guide

Kind regards,

Shirley E.