Hello I'm new to BDC

I'm in the process of just finishing my first listing. 

My question is - is there a way to set the duration of stay?  I want to do set it as 2 nights minimum stay and up to 7 nights max per booking.

Thanks in advance - Leo

M Adamopoulou

Dear Leo welcome to the Partner Community.

In your Calendar you have options.

Wish you a great start!!!


Further to MA's comment;


In calendar, select the room type you wish to set the stay on, use the drop-down arrow and a menu will appear, hopefully you will see minimum stay and maximum stay options in that menu and can set both from there.

If they are not present you will then need to ask BDC to add them to your menu.


Hi Leo Cadiz! Welcome to Booking.com Partners Community! I'm really glad to see you have already received help from other fellow partners. Take care!