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Please Help me, My client told me that he want apartment for 2 person,   I find out that they are 8 person (or more), its Unacceptable for me and I want to cancel, he isnt going to confirm my cancellation. Can anyone help me? How can I cancel? 

Leandri Klopper

Hi Tsikaridze Lika ,

Thanks for asking, sorry to hear.

This one is easy, because a guest Has to accept the amount of people that he/she is allowed to bring along when they confirm the booking. So I suggest you Phone and tell that the client has informed you of their plans to bring along 8 people and that you cannot accommodate them as that's not what they booked. will then phone the guest and inform them that they are not allowed. So IF they then arrive with more than 2 people, you can send them away.

Hope this helps.