Help to cancel booking

Hi there, i have a guest who has booked on a date that is unavailable. Mu sync with airbnb hadn't updated and I cannot accommodate them. I need to cancel the booking and make sure they get their refund. How do i do this and avoid it happenkng again!? 


Contact guest and apologise and try and offer some alternatives in the area.  they have to do the cancellation you cannot.  If you get booking.com to do it they will charge a relocation fee.

  • Extranet
  • Reservations
  • Reservations Details Page
  • Right Pane, Request To Cancel
  • Choose option 2, submit
  • Wait for guest to receive email with action to confirm

The sync is not real time so always a risk of this.  I have instant booking turned off on Airbnb so that I can manually check before accepting a booking with them.  You cannot turn it off in booking.com


Thanks Sharon, I contacted the guest and they were really understanding thankfully and cancelled it. Thanks for that! :)