I just created a listing for my condo in Dominican Republic ... uploaded all photos, descriptions, rates, etc. and signed the listing agreement. Then I received an email from Booking.com saying that my listing could not be activated, since its a duplicate of an existing property. I have never placed anything on this site before, so its not possible that a duplicate listing exists. The email included a phone# in Mexico for me to call to fix this problem. I called the number, but after several tries, all I could reach were recorded messages in Spanish! I send an email to Booking.com help representative who replied that they couldn't tell me anything about this duplicate listing due to security reasons. How can I resolve this issue?


Norova Sarvinoz

You should find out the phone number of the nearest office of booking or write an email .after day or two they will call you

Andrey Valentinovich
I create a listing in Russian Federation countryside /village and have received a letter by Post service with uncial code. But I cannot ENTER THE CODE. I don't know maybe theBooking Extranet has 2 mine objects for rent but I've sent it only 1 time!?