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Help please!

Hi there I’m hoping someone can help!

I seem to have some booking restrictions set in place but don’t know where I can view and edit them?

My dates are open and available but on is showing sold out, not sure what I have done wrong but in the calendar can see it’s green with a * indication restrictions.

Help appreciated please ??

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Green with a * means you're looking at the "old" List View calendar. If you look towards the top-right of the calendar (on a computer) you should see a link to switch to the "new" List View calendar - this doesn't use green with the *, it uses a tiny triangle in the top left corner for each date - not as easy to see as the green with the *.

If you switch to Monthly View from the drop down top right, you can see dates, prices and booking info more easily - click on a date and it'll show the pricing. minimum nights, any promotions etc in the right hand column. The restrictions you mention are things like the minimum number of nights.

When I set up pricing etc, I do it in the Monthly View where I can see and change all pricing and settings properly. Every date has a minimum number of nights etc. When I've finished setting up, I switch to the old calendar List View so I can see all dates - they should all be green with a * - if not, then it's easy to spot any dates where I might have missed out something like the minimum number of nights. I then switch back to the normal Monthly View.