Hi from Booking.com extranet newbie. I think I need help to put right prices

I made one rate plan for start, and later fixed my prices and for example I put 90 e per day in August period. Today I got reservation on that period and it shows me the price is 81 e, minus provision, it then says final price that leaves to me is 65? so that is 25 euro goes to booking with all that provisions and that? Or I made mistake with rate plan?

M Adamopoulou

Hi Mia and welcome to the Partner Community.


Sometimes booking.com gives discounts to guests on their behalf...


If your commission to BDC us 20% then 65 is right...


You can always call your local booking.com office and ask them to check your rates and calendar...


Please remember to add your property link in your profile so Partners can check your listing.



Wish you all the best.