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Hi Team,

Greetings from Lumbini Dream Garden Guest House,

I am here to state that my business had a business account since 3 years and in between we tied up with OYO Hotels and all the access for account was handed to OYO. Now we have dismissed the agreement with OYO and we are working on our own for online booking. 

The main thing is I was planning to activate the previous business account but I ended up opening the new one. I have access with the new one and have received some bookings too. The only reason I want to get the old business account is for the reviews and the ratings my business has. I along with my team had worked very hard to gain that image online. I hope you understand my feelings for the account (OYO 160 Lumbini Dream Garden Guest House). I hereby would like to request you to help me merge the old and the new account.


Thank You,

Bikram Poudel

Sergei - Commu…
1 year ago

Hello LUMBINIDREAMGARDEN! Happy to see you in the Partner Community. As BrookAve has already mentioned, this is not something other fellow partners can help you. Please contact support.