Hiking tour to Annapurna

trekking is very popular in Nepal, we have highest mountain of the world. We always help taking trekking to different part of the country according to guest interest. This is great experience for people.

there are one day to 30 day trekking.

contact us fo4 more information.


Bishnu Homestay,Nepal 


Thanks, please contact me if any one doing trekking in Nepal.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Bishnu, how nice to have you in the Partner Community.

Trekking in Nepal!!! Wow!!! what an experience!!!

Please share some pictures of your beautiful country.

Also, remember to add your property link in your profile in Community.

Wish you all the best.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Bishnu, thanks for sharing such a wonderful picture...beautiful people with happy faces!!!

Take care and keep on posting.