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horrific experience with on-boarding and customer service. please delete my account!!!

Please delete my account. Your customer service THE WORST comparing to VRBO and Airbnb.  I still wonder what the worst is: a communication of your customer support, actual ability to get hold of someone who can go beyond a script (get a chatbot, he will do a similar job), or your platform user experience for on-boarding owners. And the winner is... 

Situation: my property is NOT supposed to be live, because I did not provide full info, legal docs, and I am not ready. My house should not be available for booking. Guess what???  It went live without my consent! ***.

I got an immediate booking. Surprise!  

What should I do? Customer service can help, right??  Yea.. in my dream. No way to get hold of customer service.OUCH. No way to reply or chat. OUCH.

I sent a notification via the available web form. TWICE. I talked to a family who wanted to book and helped them to cancel. I talked TWICE to customer service gals *** and ***. *** pretended (playing smart)  that she has no clue, and *** made no notes. ***. *** said she made all the notes and will make sure her supervisor will call me. Get the recording. It is all there.

*** told me and send an email that I will be responsible for the difference if a client will find a different property, which is more expensive. 

Now: how is this story ends?  Good question. I wonder if anyone will read this note. 

what I want: delete my account *OR* make a situation right:  help me to set my account correctly. at the moment  - I can't even find how to disable it myself to avoid any other problems. can someone help?



You have posted this on the partner forum, so while I can sympathise I cannot help.

If you want to delete your account search Help for 'end partnership' for instruction.