How to add a gite



I'm just setting up two gites in France on the platform and I am having difficulty setting them up because in the second part of the registration "Dispositions and tariff", in the type of accomodation I can't find "gite". So I don't know if their is a way to find it or if I should use another type?



Thanks for your help



Hi Christophe CLIMENT


gite - A what now ?

I think you mean property listing or 'site'.


Define gite?


The accomodation type listing will not necessarily have a gite  whatever that is.

But you can just pick anything remotely close to it or just pick based on number of dwellings or rooms .

For now use another type to get setup and later message BdC Support to add  a new type of GITE.


Now I'm really curious to know what a gite is :)

Kind regards


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