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How to add My Taxi Service ?

Hello ,


Can anyone help me how to add my taxi to booking?  thanks


Hi Γεώργιος Παπαδημητρίου! Thank you for you post. 

Do you mean "Shuttle Service"? It is in Property > Facilities & services > Transport.

All the best!


Hi! So is your property already listed at

George Papadimitriou

I did not see anything about adding a taxi company.  only for property like hotel, b&b, appartment etc 


But what exactly do you mean by adding a taxi company? It is possible to add a shuttle service to your listed property. 

M Adamopoulou

I think George wants to list his taxi company instead of an accommodation...

Am I right George???

The Palace Gue…

Dear Sir/Madam

I need to create a Tax service on Booking. Com for guests to book on line just the way they do with accommodation.  You assistance would be greatly appreciated. 


Amos Mahundi