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How to add a studio with balcony?

Hello, I would like to add a studio with a balcony, but in drop down menu are only "Studio apartments" and "Studio apartments with sea view". If I choose Studio apartments from the menu, on my booking page I see two bedrooms, but it is a studio (one room for sleeping and living with kitchen).

https://www.booking.com/hotel/bg/sunny-beach-rent-apartments-royal-sun.html?label=gen173nr-1DCAsoF0IOcm95YWwtc3VuLWQtNDdIMVgEaOkBiAEBmAExuAEYyAEM2AED6AEB-AEDiAIBqAIE;sid=837b27f60ea5b835781abdfaf2e1f1ed;dest_id=900039405;dest_type=city;dist=0;group_adults=2;hapos=1;hpos=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srepoch=1544111250;srfid=5c0ee2e26dfb1b83784e4e41db68ee8826015dd3X1;srpvid=8aa36f08a5ae006c;type=total;ucfs=1& - here is an example what I wish (Studio with Balcony 2+1).

Thank you in advance.

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M Adamopoulou

-Hi! M1339622 and welcome to the forum.

I know exactly what you mean I also have a Studio with a big veranda and balcony. I remember I had hard time finding how to list mine. I really dont remember how I did it. I think I ticked on Family Studio not appartment. In Property tab I entered the sq. m. and ticked yes to balcony.and on description I wrote Studio has a veranda and a balcony.

Hope I have been of help.

1 year ago