How Can Change Apartment Type To Hotel

Dear Team,

My Hotel Property (Hotel Shiv Shrishti Palace 4231140 ) gets live as an Apartment Categories In Booking.com so can anyone help me out. How can I Change its type? 

You Can Contact me On 7004499984 

Leandri Klopper

Hey Shivshrishti18,

Welcome to the forum!

Bad news is... only booking.com can help you with that. So I suggest you phone a friend or message them:

Extranet -> Inbox -> Booking.com messages.

Best of luck, hopefully you will be live and correctly listed in no time!

M Adamopoulou

Shivshrishti18 welcome to the forum. As I understand anything having to do with changin in property only booking.com can change it. I mostly send a message or phone them. Sometimes both.